We offer a personalized learning environment that enables the students to prepare for challenging exams.

What Our Students Say...


``I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking or searching for quality school with great environment setting to come to BSM Tutor. I’m very satisfied with the class and the teachers have helped me to achieve my learning goals and expectations.``


``I would like to thank the teachers for teaching and helping me and every advice they gave me. I feel more confident in my speaking and writing skills. I hope that I can come back to study at BSM Tutor again in the future. I really enjoy studying at BSM.``


``Thanks BSM Tutor for giving me a chance to have a wonderful learning experience. Every student and teacher here treated me as their family. I love BSM because it feels like a big family. Even though we are far away from our country, I still can feel like we have family here from this school.``


``I really love studying at BSM because my classmates come from many different nationalities and it is a multicultural environment; everyone is able to communicate and get along well. The tutors are excellent at adapting the curriculum to suit the students, which prepares us well for our exams. When we have a question, we feel comfortable to ask and we receive a lot of attention. Also, BSM is located in a great, convenient area of Bangkok, close to BTS Chitlom, nearby many shopping malls, and the food court in the building is satisfying. I am very happy I decided to study in this school.``


``Studying at BSM is fun. It has made studying become something simple and I have improved greatly on my learning. The professors have a good method of teaching, they tend to ask questions and encourage discussion, making students feel that they are involved in the class. They commit a lot of time and energy to the students and always make themselves available for us. They are also excellent at teaching and are able to modify and diversify their teaching methods according to the students’ abilities and needs. This is very important for the students since professors often set milestones for them and push them to achieving these goals, unlike larger schools.``