The GRE Exam Preparation Program

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an exam that measures general intelligence and is used for students intending to apply for a Master’s degree in USA, with the exception of applying to Business School, where the GRE is required, and Law School, where the LSAT is required.

GRE is amongst the few University entry examinations that most institutions recognize and is used in evaluating University applicants. GRE exam candidates are able to attach their highly achieved exam results along with their University application, giving them a higher chance of getting accepted into the University.


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The GRE Test Format

The test consists of three Multiple Choice sections and a section on Essay Writing:

  • Quantitative Section: This is a Mathematics section of 28 questions and a given time period of 45 minutes to complete.
  • Verbal Section: This is a test on English language, consisting of 30 questions and 30 minutes to complete.

Analytical Reasoning: This sections tests your knowledge on making critical analyses, consisting of 35 questions and a time period of 50 minutes.

The GRE Exam Preparation Program at BSM Tutor

The GRE Exam Preparation Program  covers  content, tip and techniques needed to master the GRE test. Private lessons will be arranged to suit the student’s schedule  with experienced instructors who will guide the student to meet their desired level.  Consultation hours are also included in each session by the GRE teachers who are attentive, knowledgeable, and strategically plan and approach the teaching and the learning for the students to achieve success in their GRE exam.

Studying at BSM is fun. It has made studying become something simple and I have improved greatly on my learning. The professors have a good method of teaching, they tend to ask questions and encourage discussion, making students feel that they are involved in the class. They commit a lot of time and energy to the students and always make themselves available for us. They are also excellent at teaching and are able to modify and diversify their teaching methods according to the students’ abilities and needs. This is very important for the students since professors often set milestones for them and push them to achieving these goals, unlike larger schools.

Anutep Purmont

Rate Structure

No. of Students Regular Rate(THB) / Hour Promotion Rate(THB) / Hour
Private (1 Student) 1,800 1,600
2-4 Students 1,600 1,300

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