English Conversation Course

This course will help students improve speaking skills by exploring various topics related to everyday use. Students will be engaged in various speaking and listening activities through audio and video, dictation, class discussion, class presentation, and role playing on every day situation.  Speaking practice will be done through the use of a variety of learning techniques, including group and pair exercises.  Most importantly, students will learn new vocabularies throughout the whole course.


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350 THB

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Course Content

  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Greetings and Farewells
  • Giving personal direction
  • Asking or giving direction
  • Asking for help
  • Meeting a friend
  • Taking a message
  • Making small talk
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • On the phone
  • In the restaurant

The tutors spend a lot of time in building the confidence of students. The teacher develops lots of questions to encourage students to get engaged in the lesson. My speaking skill has been improved and I am confident to speak to other people more.

Kaoru Hirai

Rate Structure

Enrollment Hours Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
1 hour – Try Out 1,060
10-20 Hours 1,060
30-50 Hours 950
60-90 Hours 900
100-300 Hours 850
400+ Hours 750

  *Minimum 10 hours booking

No. of Students Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
2-4 Students 750
5-10 Students 400
11-20 Students 350

  *Minimum 10 hours booking

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