Business Communications Course

Business communications course focuses on  business communication skills suitable for students, people who conduct business, or the general public who need to sharpen their English language skills for either communication or conversation. Students will learn the skills and what it takes to become a successful manager/supervisor. The course is taught by our highly qualified instructors.  Students will develop the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing through a wide range of tasks which reflect closely the world of business.

The content includes mannerisms when using proper English, and expanding the foundation of using the language in everyday life. In addition, the class will cover the etiquette of questioning and answering, taking and leaving messages by phone or e-mail, taking meeting minutes, presentation, etc.


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350 THB

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Course Outline

  • Written communication skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations/ seminars
  • Minutes/ report writing skills
  • Business letters, e-mail, memos
  • Effective telephone use

Benefits After Completing the Course:

  1. The development of conversational and grammatical writing skills for use in business situations.
  2. The learning of vocabulary and the appropriate use of each in varied situations, the meaning of mannerisms in Western culture and how it is applied effectively in business communication.

Before I studied Business Communication at BSM TUTOR, I was afraid to speak English. I didn’t think I could ever communicate in English. But after I’ve studied here, I’ve gained self confidence and skills in all areas. Now, I’m studying in Australia and thanks to BSM TUTOR for your help and support.

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Rate Structure

Enrollment Hours Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
1 hour – Try Out 1,060
10-20 Hours 1,060
30-50 Hours 950
60-90 Hours 900
100-300 Hours 850
400+ Hours 750

  *Minimum 10 hours booking

No. of Students Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
2-4 Students 750
5-10 Students 400
11-20 Students 350

  *Minimum 10 hours booking

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