AS/A Levels Preparation Programme

The AS and A Level is the next step after IGCSE before entering university. There are two levels namely, AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) and the A Level (A2). The result of the AS Level is worth half the points of the A Level test. Students in Year 12 and 13 that have already passed their IGCSEs and seek higher education in the UK usually take the A Level test. The content and knowledge tested in the   A Level appears at the same level as the IGCSE but the content tested is much more advanced and advanced.


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The A Level Exam Preparation Program is suitable for students seeking higher education in the United Kingdom and other countries. BSM Tutor will arrange a private tutoring course for interested students in order to help students get ready for their A Level exam.



I enjoy talking and discussing about the topic with my tutor the most. They are very helpful. In terms of the location, the facilities and the learning atmosphere, I am satisfied with them because BSM is located at the center area of Bangkok and it is convenient for commuting.

Kevarin Suebthawikul (Kam)

I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking or searching for quality school with great environment setting to come to BSM Tutor. I’m very satisfied with the class and the teachers have helped me to achieve my learning goals and expectations.

Andrew Heinz

Rate Structure

No. of Students Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
Private (1 Student) 1,200
2-4 Students 900
5-10 Students 800
11-20 Students 700

*Minimum 10 hours booking

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