Academic English Course

This is an  intensive program is for students who are planning to study overseas or thinking about joining an international program in Thailand.  The program will develop the student’s ability to brainstorm ideas, plan, organize and write essays.  In addition, the program teaches the skills of argumentation and point of view within the context of a classroom discussion and will also develop the student’s listening and speaking for success in the academic and professional world.


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350 THB

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Benefits of the Class

  • Practice and development of reading and writing skills from various case studies
  • The learning of new vocabulary and how to apply them more effectively in everyday life
  • Knowledge on the most effective approach for note-taking during lectures
  • The learning of different research methods needed to complete assignments

The course includes the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Speaking and listening skills can be gained through conversational back and forth in the class, enhancing all areas at the same time.

The course has 3 levels

Level 1: Beginner  or equivalent of  IELTS 4.5
Level 2: Intermediate or equivalent of IELTS 5.0
Level 3: Higher Intermediate  or equivalent of  IELTS 5.5

I did creative writing with Ms. Bhavna and it taught me a lot. I am working on a novel right now and I am hoping to publish it in the future. It has been a wonderful experience learning here at BSM Tutor!

Lisa Peake

Rate Structure

Enrollment Hours Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
1 hour – Try Out 1,060
10-20 Hours 1,060
30-50 Hours 950
60-90 Hours 900
100-300 Hours 850
400+ Hours 750

  *Minimum 10 hours booking

No. of Students Regular Rate(THB) / Hour
2-4 Students 750
5-10 Students 400
11-20 Students 350

  *Minimum 10 hours booking

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